About Us

DWLloyd Team

D.W. Lloyd Limited (DWLL) was established in 2014, and in fact on our first day of business, our son Henry was born 5 weeks early which threw a small spanner in the works to say the very least!


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Our expertise is in the following:

  • Irrigation systems for residential gardens and parks, industrial and residential greenhouses.
  • Water filtration systems for ponds as well as drinking water, whether for your home or your business, such as hotel, farm etc
  • Borehole installations including pump installations and plumbing to the relevant irrigation or water systems
  • Wells – providing advice and pumping systems to make use of the valuable water in your well.
  • Providing advice on existing or Ponds in the planning stage as well as installing them.
  • We provide advice and install water features such as fountains and water falls
  • Using our skills to utilise Water you may have in your lake or quarry for example to provide water elsewhere on your property, such as irrigating your lawn and much more.
  • Of course DWLL wouldn’t be DWLL if excellent servicing wasn’t available on existing irrigation systems, both residential and commercial, as well as boreholes, ponds, wells, filtration systems, water tanks etc.

The Team

Dan has 14 years experience in the industry, starting off as a water well engineer, drilling boreholes in the UK, and then Brecqou, before moving to Guernsey and starting at Stan Brouard as an irrigation fitter in 2005. He left Stan Brouard in 2014 to commence his own Company, D.W. Lloyd Limited with the help of his wife Nikki. Dan prides himself on providing a quality service and in helping customers to find the right solution for their needs.


Nikki is a local girl, and she and Dan married in 2007. They now have 4 children and a dog called Willow. Nikki used to work in hospitality, and then the finance industry until their 2nd child was born, when she left work to run the household and raise the children. Since starting DWLL in 2014, Nikki is now the office manager and generally tries to keep Dan and the team organised!


Mark was previously a storeman at a local Garden Centre and has a tremendous knowledge of plants, how much water they need, where they should be situated in the garden and what soil is best to help them grow, all of which is a huge asset to us, especially on the irrigation and pond side. He has been with DWLL since October 2014, and having never been an irrigation fitter before has learnt quickly and adapted well!


Adie joined us in April 2017 on a 6 month contract, having previously been a labourer for a building firm. His unique skill set is a real asset, as is his work ethic and quiet manner. He is very reliable and willing to learn new skills.

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