Irrigation FAQ’s

Not at all. An automatic sprinkler system is up to 80% more efficient than watering by hand so it actually conserves water. A well-designed irrigation system will only apply exactly the right amount of water requested and not a drop more, and you need never worry about wasting water by forgetting to turn your hosepipe off! Watering the garden couldn’t be simpler.

Definitely. Your irrigation system will do all of the garden watering for you, even when you’re away on holiday. Think of all the time that you’ll have free to pursue other interests or just relax and enjoy the beauty of your outside space.

Yes, in fact it will do a far more efficient job. Your watering system installed by D.W.Lloyd Limited will be designed taking into account all of the diverse irrigation needs of your particular landscape. A combination of different irrigation products will be used to ensure intelligent distribution of water throughout your garden.

If it were to rain every 2 or 3 days at exactly the same time, with exactly the same amount, you probably wouldn’t need a sprinkler system. However, as we well know, it doesn’t happen quite like that!

The only way to be sure of a lush and healthy garden is to make sure your lawns and borders receive a regularly-timed and evenly-measured amount of water. In the summer months, when there is little rainfall, your plants can suffer damage after just a couple of days without water.

We can fit a rain sensor to your automatic irrigation system that shuts it down when it detects rainfall. As the sensor dries out, the system re-starts, thus ensuring you always make the most of the rain’s free watering.

No, not at all. There are various solutions available to overcome the problem of low water pressure and low water flow rate, but, depending on the size of your garden, it may be necessary to install a tank and pump in order to achieve sufficient coverage.

Not necessarily. We would split your garden into different zones that would come on consecutively so a tank and pump may not be needed. We will always come up with the most cost-effective bespoke irrigation system for each and every customer.

Well you can try but our experience is that a professionally installed system tends to be far more efficient! There are so many extremely important aspects that must be taken into account before you begin.

Well that really depends. Product cost is just one part of an efficient watering system. Many people choose to hire an experienced professional who will bring design expertise and installation experience to the table. Contractors have also ploughed lots of money into specialised installation equipment to help speed up the job. We have worked at countless properties putting right the damage caused by people trying to install an irrigation system for themselves. Nothing counts more than experience.

Before a contractor can prepare a quote for you they must do their homework. This includes making a visit to your property and talking with you, preferably face-to-face. They will need to survey the area to be irrigated, locate a water source and take a reading of the water pressure available at the property. Then, just as importantly, they need to discuss with you exactly what you want from your garden, to understand your needs and what it is you want to achieve from the watering system. You also need to feel comfortable with the contractor, especially with their level of experience and their expertise.


A reference from a recent customer is always helpful and can often allay any nagging doubts or concerns you may have.
Lastly, it is important to remember that it’s not all about price. Too often we use price as the only deciding factor when, in actual fact, a contractor who has significantly lower prices than his competition will have had to cut corners in order to reduce costs. This could mean leaving out a backflow-preventer, or not using the correct and proper installation techniques, or, worse still, not completing the work. Make sure you select a contractor based on the service offered, the ability to plan and design an efficient system, and the possession of the necessary experience and knowledge required to install the irrigation system to the highest standards.

We offer a wide range of irrigation system controllers and would always consider your needs carefully when selecting the right one for you and your property. We would set up the watering system to best suit the requirements of your landscape, but would also give you clear information as to how the system functions. Should you want to make any changes to the running of the system it will be clear how to do this.


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