What’s involved when we install an irrigation system?

What exactly happens?
Once you have contacted us, we will take a few details from you and then book you in for an initial consultation with our system designer, who will make a visit to your property, survey your garden and discuss with you the irrigation requirements that are particular to your situation. His expertise in this area helps him to plan a watering system tailored to your garden’s specific needs.

The design of an irrigation system is of paramount importance to its effectiveness, as so many different aspects need to be considered. The water pressure and water flow rate available at your property will have considerable impact on the final design, along with the size and shape of your garden. There are many different aspects that need to be taken into account, depending on whether you are using a borehole, well, mains water or other water sources and how you want the water to be used on your garden etc. You can look at the different types of irrigation that we might suggest combining in your system by looking at photos in our gallery.


Our designers always take the time to consider every potential customer as an individual, and we are happy to prepare a no-obligation quote based on the design prepared especially for you. Once you’ve agreed the quote, your job is booked in for installation. The D.W.Lloyd team will do the work, and we are always available to answer your questions by telephone or email, or of course face to face.


Excellent Standards
We at D.W. Lloyd Limited really pride ourselves on the very highest standards of work. We are a family-run business and thrive on offering you a personal and well-informed service at all times. We are fastidious about cleanliness, and our considerate and non-disruptive installation operatives will reinstate your garden at the end of every day if possible, keeping mess to a minimum and allowing you full use of your garden throughout the duration of the work. Once the pipes and irrigation sprinklers are laid and the system connected, our job is done. You would honestly never know we’d been there if it weren’t for the fact that you now have a wonderful irrigation system to make your life easier!


We also offer a contract for yearly maintenance, shutting down your sprinkler system for the winter months and then restarting the system in spring, checking and replacing any faulty or perished parts and ensuring a faultless performance through the spring and summer months. This offers the peace of mind that should any damage occur between your system being closed down for winter and being restarted in spring, we cover the costs of any repairs that are necessary due to incidents such as freezing.


What you say to make us proud
We pride ourselves on the work we do, the friendliness of our team and the level of customer service we endeavour to provide. The feedback we have received regarding customer satisfaction is testament to this so we would urge you to read the glowing testimonials here.