D.W.Lloyd Ltd is happy to advise, quote and install filtration systems. These come in many guises but are primarily as follows:


Drinking water for residential and commercial use
Many homes still depend on well and borehole water as their main source ie they are not connected to the States water system. After the water is tested by the States Environment department, DWLL install a filtration system which ensures that the water they drink has gone through the necessary filters and is entirely fit for human consumption. This can be for home use or use in hotels and other commercial facilities, such as cafes. DWLL offer a servicing and maintenance contract to ensure the system remains in good working order to ensure the standard of water is maintained.


Pond / fountain / water feature filtration systems
In circumstances where water is likely to be stagnant, where fish are present or leaves etc regularly fall into the water, the water is likely to require filtering in order to keep it clean. Filtration systems can be installed by D.W.Lloyd Limited and with regular servicing the water kept beautifully clean. This not only keeps the pond looking beautiful, but aids wildlife and fish life and allows you to enjoy the beauty of your pond.