Upkeep & Maintenance

From the very beginning D.W.Lloyd Limited endeavor to design and fit systems that are carefully tailored to suit each individual client, and, once a system is activated and can be seen in operation, we are available to make the adjustments that occasionally prove necessary to ensure that it is working in a way that fits your needs perfectly.

In the longer term, good maintenance is at the heart of achieving the best running of any irrigation system. Some people prefer to do this work themselves, but we have an experienced team and we are happy to offer a full maintenance service which includes the following:


System shut-down for the winter (pipe-work, valves, solenoids, timers and pumps can all suffer serious damage if the system is not drained down properly and freezing then occurs). This service would typically comprise the checking of all individual zones and the carrying out of any repairs necessary, plus the draining down of the system, the opening of solenoids, the checking and cleaning of filters, the checking of isolation valves and the removal and storage of battery-powered timers.


System start-up in the spring. This service is the reverse process of the winter shut-down, and as well as re-starting your system it typically involves checking each zone individually and repairing damage as necessary, checking and cleaning all filters, checking isolation valves, and bleeding all pipework to remove air locks. We also carry out a thorough check of the system controller, review the programming and re-set it as necessary.

Don’t forget also that choosing us offers you the peace of mind that should any damage occur through freezing between the system being closed down in winter and the system being restarted in spring, we cover the costs of any necessary repairs.


Call-out service. As well as regular maintenance work, we also offer a call-out service should you have any problem or damage that needs attention. More often than not this is required to repair damage caused accidentally during gardening.


We are always happy to help – even if your system was not installed by us – and for your convenience we send out a yearly maintenance email detailing current charges and appointment offers should you require this service. So why not put aside the headache of dealing with the routine upkeep of your irrigation system and leave it to the experts.