Borehole Drilling Process

Having a borehole drilled might seem daunting but it is actually a fairly simple process!

Contact us and we will arrange a convenient time for a site visit, with a diviner and our drilling partners. The only charge for this will be the diviners fee. We will discuss your needs and how you would like the system to work for you.


D.W. Lloyd Limited will provide you with a free no obligation quotation based on our discussions. The drilling Company will also provide you with a quotation for drilling the borehole.


Should you decide to proceed, D.W. Lloyd Limited will oversee the whole project and arrange a date to begin drilling. We will oversee the drillers and once sufficient water flow has been reached, will line the borehole and install a manhole chamber and pumping system.


If required, we will then install the filtration, irrigation or relevant following system, from the borehole.