Swimming Ponds

In nature, lakes, ponds and pools are kept clean by a combination of plants and micro-organisms including beneficial bacteria.


Organic waste matter is broken down by the action of these micro-organisms into substances that plants can absorb in the form of nutrients. It is this natural occurrence in nature that is fundamental to the swimming pond concept.


Swimming ponds are essentially made up of two merging zones, which together, make up an ecologically balanced and self cleaning pond. Each zone is roughly equal in size and referred to as the regeneration zone and swimming zone respectively. The shallow regeneration zone is a biological filter and is planted up with a wide range of aquatic plants. It is separated from the swimming zone by an internal wall which terminates around 20cm below the pond surface, thus allowing free movement of water between the two zones and ensures the swimming area is kept free of vegetation.


Despite the divide, one still feels surrounded and immersed in plants, while swimming in uninterrupted life enriched water.


As a point of clarification it is important to note the difference between a swimming pond and a natural swimming pool or natural pool. While they all use a biological filter to clean and clear the water, it is more usual to describe a pool which has been designed to look more conventional, with few or no plants, as a natural pool. Conversely, where a pool has been designed to achieve more of a naturalistic look, it is more comfortably referred to as a swimming pond or natural swimming pond.
The swimming pond is wholly inspired by nature.


Anyone who has ever been swimming in a natural rock pool, lake or river on a hot summers day will not only speak of feelings of exhilaration, but also of a tremendous sense of calm and peace, which can best be described as almost spiritual. Perhaps these feelings are brought about because our senses are highly stimulated in such a natural environment and swimming in fresh water can feel liberating and leaves the skin feeling soft – unlike the effects of a chlorinated pool.


Birdsong adds a further dimension to the experience and to see brightly coloured dragonflies and damselflies skimming the surface of the water is an absolute joy.


The aim of the swimming pond is to recreate these feelings of well-being by enriching our senses as we interact with the natural environment in our own garden. There is nothing more wonderful than jumping into the incredibly soft water in the height of the summer and being at peace with the world!


D.W.Lloyd Limited was delighted to be involved in the first Swimming pond in Guernsey and has all of the necessary experience to assist any new clients wishing to know more.