Going Wild at the GSPCA


Going Wild at the GSPCA

St Andrew’s Floral Group are delighted that the major phase of their ‘Going Wild at the GSPCA’ Project is now nearing completion.

The aim was to improve the grounds of the Animal Shelter to attract wildlife and provide a more therapeutic environment for the animals in care. In 15 months much has been achieved with willow fedges, native tree planting, additional bird and bat boxes, bulb planting for naturalising, insect hotels and a bird hide culminating in a pond with water.

The old one had a major leak and was almost dry for much of the time and a new liner was needed. The many resident ducks and other bird visitors are obviously very excited about the changes.

Ann Wragg, Leader of St Andrew’s Floral Group said “When we first started this Project, I do not think that any of us realised how big a task we had set ourselves.”

“We are indebted to all the many volunteers that have helped us achieve so much, our sponsors for their generosity and faith in what we were doing.”

“In particular we would not have got so far without the superb professional help of Danny of D.W..Lloyd and Bernie of Bernie’s Gardening Services.”

“They have both undertaken work at a considerably reduced rate and have also freely given additional time with their staff to complete the work.”

“Thank you to everyone involved.”

GSPCA Thankyou Letter

GSPCA Thankyou Letter

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “It has been amazing to see how much the Shelter has bloomed and changed to help wildlife around the GSPCA thanks to St Andrews Floral Group over the last 15 months.”

“We are so thankful to Ann and the wonderful team at St Andrews Floral Group for all of their continued hard work and to that of all that have supported this wonderful project.

“A huge thanks must also go to Danny Lloyd from D.W.Lloyd Limited with his team and Bernardino Goncalves from Bernie’s Gardening Services and his wonderful team for all of their work that has helped improve the site and especially our wildlife pond which is looking so much better thanks to their help.”

“We have lots of further plans to improve the GSPCA grounds for wildlife and appealing for help and donations towards these projects and we would love to hear from anyone that would like to support us.”

The Group are now seeking additional sponsorship to install fencing, decking, Interpretation Boards and buy pond plants to complete the landscaping.

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